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Technology center is introduced


The company technology center professional technical force is abundant, the degree is a reasonable structure, widely, design professionals and young design team with rich experience. Company technology center has set up a water treatment engineering office, waste gas treatment engineering office, soil restoration engineering office and civil electrical engineering office, have engineering and technical personnel more than 40 people, of which two PhD students, four people of postgraduate, the rest for college graduates, 4 engineering senior titles, intermediate title more than 20 people.

Company technology center adhere to independent innovation, and constantly promote all kinds of pollutants in waste water, waste gas, soil treatment technology improvement, development, transformation and application of new technology. Design and construction of multiple environmental projects by the company won the "national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project" title.

Company technology center in line with yue peng group co., LTD. "sincere sincerity, to: customer value creation; To professional, solid and reliable, stable and efficient, the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation "culture concept, with the domestic colleges and universities to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation, always stand at the forefront of environmental protection technology research and development, constantly enhance the level of technology and strive to serve the environmental protection industry, in order to realize" green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan "contribution strength.