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The corporate culture of environmental protection in Vupon is defined by the values of each Vupon people. To have the same identification with Vupon culture is a sacred thing for everyone. People here pursue Vupon’s vision, mission and core values through practical actions because they are not only the spirit of our exploration of future but also the key to Vupon’s sustainable development in coping with countless challenges and changes ahead.



To create a beautiful homeland and to make a better environment.


We are the enterprise that focuses on environmental protection and construction, and is dedicated to utility services. We are determined to create a beautiful homeland so that everyone can enjoy a healthy and happy life. Since our enterprises and employees are unanimous in this vision, we are willing to spare no efforts to achieve this common goal.


We do not pursue the maximization of corporate profits, but strive for reasonable profits to support us to become a high-tech enterprise that can continuously create values for society and individuals.

We are clear that the company is not only a shareholder's enterprise, but also a development platform for our employees, a partner of upstream and downstream enterprises and a member of society. Therefore, we adhere to the principle of seeking profit reasonably and doing our business honestly. The decisions we made is not aimed to maximize the company's profits, but to make full use of the company's technological advantages so as to keep continuous innovation, improve efficiency, establish our own brand and continue to create values for both society and individuals.



we create values with sincerity.

We sell products, services and provide one-stop solutions. We abide by our commitment and always insist on serving each customer with sincerity with the goal of achieving "customer success" and continuously creating value for them.

we care with heart and share growth together. 

As a technology-intensive enterprise, we have gathered a group of talented people who have professional skills and constantly pursue excellence. We always believe that employees are the core competitiveness of the company's development. We insist on contributing and growing together, and encourage employees to be down-to-earth and work hard. At the same time, we stick to equal execution and care attentively, strive to create a fair competitive environment, and provide employees with opportunities and space for sustainable development.

We are committed to be reliable and efficient.

Professionalism serves as the foundation of our company, which is a basic requirement for every employees. We believe that professionalism create high efficiency. Aiming at providing customers with best solutions to solve environmental protection problems with our professional knowledge, we uphold the principle that solutions and services we offered are reliable and have high efficiency.

we pursue excellence and constant innovation.

We head for perfection and excellence, and endeavour to achieve the best in everything; we keep innovating and strive to improve technological capability and comprehensive strength in order to fully expand the company's space. Through technological innovation, product innovation, market innovation, service innovation and system innovation, we are committed to pursuing sustainable growth with high quality and efficiency, striving to develop into the model enterprises in environmental protection at home and abroad.